Our law office has several practice areas covering personal injuries and auto accidents. No matter how or where you were hurt, or whether you are being held accountable for the injuries of someone else, having a Brownsville auto accident lawyer who is knowledgeable, experienced, and capable on your side is a must.

Auto Accidents
Motor vehicle accidents involving one or more automobiles are among the more common types of traffic accidents. These accidents range from minor fender benders to major calamities involve serious injuries and death. While minor accidents are often easily handled through insurance companies and the claims process, these events could require legal representation particularly if the other party is underinsured or lacks insurance. If an auto accident involves severe property damage, injuries, or death, legal representation is highly recommended. In either case, contact us for a free consultation to learn more about the legal issues and resources surrounding your claim.

Trucking Accidents
Accidents involving tractor-trailers and commercial vehicles share many of the same legal concerns as regular auto accidents. However, other issues are unique to these types of accidents including some of the laws and regulations governing truckers and drivers of commercial vehicles.

Motorcycle Accidents
Again, motorcycle accident victims face similar legal issues as victims of accidents involving passenger cars, but they also have other factors to consider. Our law firm is experienced in handling motor vehicle cases of all types including motorcycles, dirt bikes, and off highway vehicles like ATVs.

Personal Injury Cases

Sure, motor vehicle crashes send many Brownsville residents to the hospital, or worse, to the mortuary, every year. However, personal injuries are not limited to accidents that occur on the roadways. Our law office also specializes in personal injuries in general, no matter how they occurred. Whether you’ve been in a car wreck or fell down a flight of stairs, contact us for expert legal help. The initial consultation is free.